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Men in Nursing
at UCLA -
President 2019-2021

My involvement with AAMN started in 2019, after assuming the leadership of Men in Nursing at UCLA, which at that time was inactive and had no membership. I quickly put together a board and we started working relentlessly to recruit members and bring visibility to our chapter. As I get near the end of my term, I am proud to say that our efforts have been remarkably successful, having become one of the most active and recognized student organizations at UCLA School of Nursing. This level of recognition is based on three pillars: a very active involvement with school, outreach and volunteer efforts that bring great visibility to our chapter; a well-planned calendar of educational and social events that positions us as a leading student organization; and a very active social media presence that amplifies our message. Under my leadership, our UCLA chapter was recognized by AAMN as Chapter of the Year 2020.

Men in Nursing at UCLA: Welcome
Men in Nursing at UCLA: Pro Gallery
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